The Incredible Deals to Indulge in this Week

Uncharted bundle PS4

You seriously can’t afford to miss out on these gaming & gadget deals this week!

With the Rand making somewhat of a comeback more epic than Rocky against Apollo Creed (OK, maybe not that epic, but still pretty good), and then fluctuating a bit, it’s sto;; a good time to keep an eye on some great deals taking place over the Atlantic, and thanks to Postbox Courier, we can indulge in them all. We’ve rounded up some of the best deals of the week from the US right here.

And if you’re thinking: “oh, but we can’t shop there”, remember, PostBox Courier has that covered. They are the solutionevery international online shopping addict has been waiting for. Offering affordable, express courier services to and from South Africa, with depots in the US, the UK, Hong Kong and even Australia,

Macbook Air 13-inch

Buying a Macbook in South Africa can be somewhat of a pricey affair, but the US has some great deals available. Best Buy has a “College Student Deal” (sounds right up our alley), with a 13-inch i5 Macbook Air priced at $799.99 (around R10,700).


Playstation 4 bundle special

BestBuy also currently has a special whereby you get a free PS4 game (of your choice) when you purchase a PS4 bundle, which are also priced incredibly well! Check out the options and details of the special here.

One such standout deal includes the Limited Edition Uncharted 4 Playstation 4 bundle, priced at $349.99 (around R4,700). Plus, you get an additional free game of your choice. The closest we found of that particular bundle in SA is going for R6,500 (sans the free game).

PS4 uncharted

And, in case this hasn’t all sunk in just yet, let us remind you that thanks to Postbox Courier shopping online at stores like Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Marks and Spencers, and so much more is now super easy, safe, and convenient! If you’re looking to spoil yourself this festive season then register with PostBox Courier now and get shopping! For more information visit the Postbox Courier website or say Hi to Postbox Courier on Facebook or Twitter.

Some restrictions apply to certain types of commodities, but don’t worry, you can email if in doubt!

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