Buyer’s Guide: Best Gadgets for Father’s Day

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Which tech products will help make your this Father’s Day one to remember?

Father’s Day is on the horizon, and if you’re wondering what to get to treat yo’ poppa, we’ve highlighted some awesome items that should do the trick. Because, c’mon, silly socks are so 2016.

The gift of power

Sometimes, the smallest, most practical gifts are the best; and while most dads are always scratching around in drawers, looking for batteries for some old appliance they’re trying to revive, a great gift is an Energizer rechargeable battery set (R249). Whether it be to give some much-needed fuel for TV remotes, clock radios, or power tools, having rechargeable batteries is a game-changer.

Toys for the boys

If your dad is a lover of flying things, remote control toys, and photography, then it’s definitely time he steps into the world of drones. Weighing just 249 grams, DJI says the Mavic Mini (R6,989) is super portable, easy to fly, and designed for safety, making it the perfect drone for that dad who loves flying and gadgets. The drones small size and safety features in many areas exempt it from regulations that apply to other, heavier drones, and incorporates DJI’s renowned safety technology, a 2.7K camera, and 30 minutes of flight-time.

For the on-the-go dad

If your dad is one of those gym-going, active fellows (you know, the type of dad that still beats you in an arm wrestle), a fitness tracker might be a great gift option. But of course, dads need something simple, effective, yet not too flashy. The Garmin Vívosmart 3 (R1,989) is a solid activity tracker with an ultra-slim design and a hidden display that’s only on when you need it. The Vívosmart 3 also brings high-end fitness monitoring tools such as VO2 max and fitness age, and wellness monitoring with all-day stress tracking. We’ve got to look after our old-men, after all.

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Pint-sized presence

Is your dad a fidgeter? Or perhaps just fascinated by ingenious little toys? This super addictive desk toy, known as the Fidget Cube (R179.90), is designed to help you focus and keep your fidgeting habits under control at work and at home. With six sides, each with a unique fidgeting feature, these cubes are becoming the worry stone of the future.

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Rather smart than sorry

Yup, most dads have that dark secret: hoarding biltong away from prying hands of loved ones and offspring, but your dad can now have the ultimate deterrent to keep everyone away from his precious biltong cupboard/drinks cabinet/toolset. The Astrum Smart Security lock (R489) is a next-generation padlock which locks using a specific smartphone’s Bluetooth connection and password, so your dad’s, (and only his) smartphone is the only way to open the lock.


What will you be getting your dad this year? Let us know by tweeting @MenStuffZA, posting on our Facebook page, or commenting below.

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