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Real Home Defence Weapon or Sci-Fi Prop?

Ivan Santic’s shotgun looks like something out of Doom.

It’s a little difficult to tell just from looking at the DX-12 ‘Punisher’, but at first glance, this dual-barrel shotgun seems like something you’d find running around a space-themed first-person shooter.

Designed by Ivan Santic, this blocky design and pint-sized profile (for a shotgun) is a concept at this point in time, but while it has all the hallmarks of a prop made for a science fiction movie, the DX-12 is actually a plausible real firearm design.

That’s according to firearm experts, who believe a company like Glock could make use of it if they wanted. It would likely be most apt as a home defence shotgun, since the nature of shell-based firearms don’t require stellar aim and are better suited to the close-quarters nature of a house.

We don’t really condone real-life violence here at MenStuff and the less guns in circulation probably the better – but we wouldn’t complain if the DX-12 made it into our next favourite FPS game. You could definitely run riot with one of these in a Team Deathmatch setup!

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