The Multiverse Theory – As Explained by an Award-Winning Video Game

Wrap your head around quantum mechanics thanks to Bioshock Infinite!

Since Neil Degrasse Tyson, Bill Nighy the Science Guy, and the late Stephen Hawking have become notable figures in pop culture, a lot of obscure scientific terminology has been flung around way more frequently than ever before. Multiverse Theory, or meta-universe theory, is one of those concepts. If we wanted to boil it down the explanation would be that there are infinite universes where every conceivable alternate outcome of known events exists. You know, the whole Schroeder’s cat thing; but, that would be a massive oversimplification.

Now, I could try and provide you with a breakdown of the theory itself, and I’d probably do a terrible job since my advanced physics knowledge is disappointing at best. Instead, a more instructive option is to let some characters from BioShock Infinite do an infinitely better job than I would.

Who said video games can’t be educational? PS. Spoilers for Bioshock Infinite follow, in case you haven’t finished the game, of course.

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