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Upgrade Your Fly-Swatter to the Bug-A-Salt Shotgun

You wouldn’t hurt a fly, but the Bug-A-Salt would…




Bug a Salt Salt Shotgun for flies

It seems like whether it’s summer, winter, rain, or shine – there are annoying insects pestering you all year-’round these days. Trying to track down one annoying fly or mosquito with a measly fly swatter can be a rage-inducing exercise as they’re always able to evade even the quickest swipes.

Luckily, that annoying issue has become a cue of genius for the creators of the Bug-A-Salt shotgun – the next level of insect-annihilating weaponry. For those who predict holes in their walls and SWAT police marauding through their roofs – don’t fear; it’s completely harmless to everything besides the pesky critters you’re aiming at.

That’s because the only ‘ammunition’ you need for it is fine salt; you load the salt into its chamber, cock it, and take aim at the pint-sized home intruder, and BOOM, they’re history. Check out this video of the gun in action:

If your summer evenings are often spent hunting after all kinds of annoying insects (without much success) with a kitchen cloth or fly swatter, maybe it’s time to upgrade your arsenal.

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1 Comment

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    December 3, 2020 at 21:52

    hoeveel kos die bug asault en het julle vooraad

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