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Drones Irritating You? A Drone-Jamming Gun is Now a Thing

If you need to shoot those pesky drones out the sky, here’s how to do it.




Drones flying with reckless abandon all over cities, blotting out the sun? Maybe – but maybe not. The prevalence of drones has increased exponentially since the technology has evolved, and as cool as it is to have drones so accessible – because they admittedly do offer a lot of benefits – they also come with some risks on the flipside.

The ability for them to be weaponised, which is already commonplace, as well as the potential threats to privacy, are two of the biggest risks posed by widespread drone accessibility.

The IXI Technology “Dronekiller” gun was designed to deal with either of those problematic scenarios, and it can do it quite well. The physical design mimics a conventional bull-pup rifle, but through the use of FCC-compliant data communications interruption technology, essentially a frequency-like EMP, it can accurately target specific drones to disrupt their function. Check out this video of how it works:

It simply requires a 12-volt outlet to be charged with and will then function at a range of up to 800m between it and the target drone, with up to four hours of charge stored in hot-swappable battery packs. This isn’t available for civilian use, though, and only has military applications at present – but that could possibly change in future.

Is it possible that just like traditional firearms for self-defence, we’ll reach a stage where the public might want anti-drone defence? You never know. Learn more about the Dronekiller here.

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