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David Beckham & Adidas Team Up Again to Bring Another Predator Back

Predator Accelerator Adidas header

Adidas make another return to their roots.

A few months back, sportswear giant Adidas announced a limited edition release of an updated Predator Precision, unveiled by none other than David Beckham himself. He’s had an illustrious history with the brand, and his iconic Predator models were the talk of the town during his footballing heyday.

Adidas have decided to continue with their reinvention of the now-discontinued Predator, perhaps after all the buzz generated by the Predator Precision’s (obscenely expensive) limited edition outing.

This time though, they’ve binned the traditional cues and gone for a full-on reinvention – this time of the Predator Accelerator. Below is an image of the original model, showcased back in 1998 – primarily by both David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane.

Adidas PRedator Accelerator original

The new iteration has very little in common with its predecessor besides the shape of the three Adidas stripes – against made of leather, but this time serving as just a cage over a mesh sock-like lining.

Beckham Adidas Predator Accelerator 2017

The other change, and the most obvious one, is the fact that a collared design has been implemented, which has become all the rage in the last few seasons from all the notable football boot brands. New features aside, it keeps one of the most recognisable aspects of the Predator range: the rubberised strike zones designed to add more spin to the ball.

Beckham has been collaborating with Adidas on collections for some time now, so is it possible the old legend could be paving the way for a return to one of Adidas’s most iconic boots again? Many might hope so. For now though, you’ll have to make do with the $350 (around R5,000) limited edition Predator Accelerator releasing November 20th if you’re looking for another dose of Predator goodness. We’ll just have to patiently wait for the ETA for a general release Predator!

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