7 Important Easter Eggs You Missed in Batman v Superman

Did you catch these important Easter eggs in Batman v Superman?

There’s no denying that there’s a lot to take in with Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film is massive, somewhat convoluted, and jam-packed with hints and nods to the forthcoming expanded DC universe; so in an effort to help you piece together the important Easter eggs and titbits, here are the things you may (or may not) have missed, and some explanation as to what it all means.

Now, this should go without saying – there are massive spoilers to Batman v Superman below. So, the obligatory spoiler-warning stuff from here… ONLY IF you have seen the movie, read on.

The Robin costume

Although it was shown in the trailers, one of the most intriguing moments is the reveal of the Robin costume in Bruce Wayne’s Batcave. The startling part is that its spray-painted with the message: “Hahaha the joke’s on you Batman.”  Clearly a point from the Joker, we believe this will be further explained in the Suicide Squad film, or a potential standalone Batman movie. Either way, it hints to the fact that Batman’s last encounter with the Joker left the Prince Clown of Crime with the last laugh. Joker has killed Jason Todd (AKA Robin) in the classic Batman comic, A Death in the Family. Could we be seeing this on the big-screen at some point?

Batman v Superman Robin


OK, there’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s get into it. When Bruce Wayne is decoding the data he stole from Lex Corp, he falls asleep and a dream sequence follows.

We’re shown a post-apocalyptic setting with Batman overlooking a destroyed city and a giant Omega symbol in the sand. In the DC universe, the symbol belongs to that of Darkseid – a notable super-villain and primary antagonist who battles the Justice League. This immediately hints that this nightmare sequence is a reality where Darkseid has attacked Earth.

In this scene, Batman is kind of a Mad Max-style survivor of the events that destroyed humanity, with Superman becoming a villain (and having his Superman-branded henchmen helping him out).



Yep, those are Parademons — the shock troops of Apokolips, home of DC Comics’ uber-baddie Darkseid, attacking Batman in the Knightmare sequence. Though their colour scheme doesn’t match, they most closely resemble artist Jim Lee’s take on the characters from the New 52 Justice League comic, which makes sense, as it was written by Geoff Johns, DC’s Chief Creative Officer who also consulted on this movie.

Batman v Superman Parademons


As Bruce Wayne awakes from the nightmare (explained above) he is met with a vision of a man warning him that Lois Lane is the key. “I’m too early!” This is, in fact, the Flash, a superhero who is so fast he can travel through time as well as space. The future Justice League member is travelling through time to warn and inform Batman that he needs to form the Justice League, and that the oncoming threat has something to do with Lois Lane. We’ll probably find out in a future film.

Some fans have speculated that this was just a dream and not real, but when Bruce awakes the second time following Flash’s appearance, papers around the room are still moving and settling, alluding to the fact that it was real.

The Flash

Justice League members emerge

This one is pretty on-the-nose, but it’s worth explaining nonetheless. Wonder Woman discovers that Lex Luthor has been keeping tabs on not only herself, but other humans with special powers too. On his computer, he has an old picture of Wonder Woman from the World War, video footage of the Flash apprehending a gunman, a look at Aquaman hiding in his underwater domain and what looks to be the experiment that brought Cyborg to life. All of these characters will appear in their own spinoff films as well as the Justice League movies.


Mother Box

While the movie never identified it as one, the mysterious device being inspected by Silas Stone (father and creator of Victor Stone/Cyborg) was most definitely a Mother Box. Silas’ attempts to merge his son with machinery seems to be futile until the Mother Box is used. The Mother Boxes are the tools of Darkseid, and if Cyborg is made of one of the Mother Boxes, that means he could be corrupted by Darkseid.


Lex’s warning

At the end of the film, when Lex Luthor is imprisoned, he says to Batman:“He’s coming. The bell has been rung.” Given all the hints above, it’s highly likely that Lex is referring to Darkseid. The consensus is that Darkseid will be the primary antagonist of the Justice League films, along with some other baddies too.

Furthermore, following the film’s release, Warner Bros. uploaded a video entitled “Communion” to their official YouTube account. The video shows Lex Luthor in the Kryptonian ship that Zod brought to Earth in Man of Steel and the one that he used to create Doomsday. He is using the ship’s communication tool in the Genesis chamber to communicate with some monster-like being.

Fans are already wondering if this sequence hints at the arrival of Steppenwolf, one of the New Gods, as part of Darkseid’s plot to take over Earth. It sure looks like him, and those look like three Mother Boxes too (we explained those earlier). We suspect this scene would fit in at the end of the final battle with Doomsday, before Lex is arrested.

Did you spot any other Easter eggs or hidden moments in Batman v Superman? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @MenStuffZA. You can also read what we thought of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice right here.


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