Winter Grooming Guide: 5 Must-Have Products

Bluebeard Revenge

Here are your must-buy grooming products to survive the winter chill!

With the harsh winter conditions rolling across South Africa, its time for us guys to ready ourselves (and our skin) for the incoming chill. We’ve rounded up some of the must-have grooming products to help you survive the harshness of the colder months.

Philips Series 9000 electric razor

Price: R4,499

The 900 series electric razor is the most advanced Philips has ever made. The three independent rotating heads each move in 8 different directions for better contouring of your face. Philips claims this captures 20% more hair in every pass, and it definitely seems the case as it delivers an incredibly close, clean and rash-free shave. Also, one of the unique components of the 9000 series, is a combination charger and cleaning system for the blades of your shaver.

Bluebeards Revenge shaving products

Price: R799

If you’re not one for an electric razor and more of an old-school shaving aficionado, Bluebeards Revenge is a premium range of quality shaving and skincare products designed to actually reduce hair growth. The range of Bluebeards Revenge shaving products was engineered to tackle the toughest of beards whilst reducing razor rash, burn, cuts, nicks and ingrowing hairs. If you have ultra-tough stubble, suffer from shaving irritation, then this is the shaving range for you.

ProtectAir 10 Day Fresh Spray

Now, this is more a product for your shoes, but one which will protect your feet, because winter brings moisture, and moisture can bring bacteria. ProtectAir 10 Day Fresh Spray helps ensure healthy nails and feet by eliminating and protecting against the source of bacteria and creates an environment in which bacteria cannot survive.

L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic range

Across most of SA, winter tends to bring dryness, so to save us from dehydrated skin, L’Oréal Men Expert’s Hydra Energetic range caters specifically for the active man of today, because we need to be pampered too. The male skincare range helps fight the appearance of spots and imperfections, while giving you 24 hour skin protection and moisturising. Included in the range is the magnetic effect black coal face wash, the anti-fatigue moisturiser, and thermic resist antiperspirant roll-on and deodorant.

Alpecin caffeine hair shampoo

We always hear of these ‘caffeine shampoos’, but do they really work? Well, yeah. The truth is that most shampoos dry out your locks and remove all the natural oils from your hair – but what you really need is something that spurs growth and strengthens your hair. Alpecin’s caffeine shampoo definitely has a denser ‘feel’ to it, and doesn’t contain any softeners (eg. silicone), which also helps to improve the hair structure after just a few washes. Your hair won’t feel brittle and dry after a wash with their C1 shampoo.

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