Movember: Moustache Tips to Keep Your Mo in Tip-Top Shape

MOvember men

Check out crucial tips to keep your crumb-catcher in order this Movember!

Movember is officially upon us, meaning a whole host of fashionable, crazy and sometimes embarrassing moustaches will be grown in support of the Movember Foundation – helping to fight male cancers and improve mental health. Naturally, we want to help make your moustache better than all the rest, so take a look at some of the handy tips below!

Make your moustache the centre of attention

Trying to make your moustache as subtle as possible tends to make it look worse (trust us). Be proud, and make it pronounced — after all, the whole point is to raise awareness and be proud of your mo to generate some awareness (or at the very least a reminder) about mental health and cancer risks in men.

Trim your moustache

In order to ensure that your moustache looks its best, you’ll want to give it a good trim. But first, you’ll need to decide on what sort of look you’re going for as this will have a bearing on how short you want to go.

Once you’ve committed yourself to a length, dampen your moustache with a little water and run a moustache comb through it to remove tangles. Then, holding a pair of moustache scissors parallel to the ends of the hairs, trim your moustache to the desired shape. Make sure you leave a little extra length than desired as the hairs will appear shorter once dry.

When you’re satisfied with the length, shape the top and sides of your moustache as desired with a razor. A cut-throat razor is always a good option as it allows for a greater level of accuracy and is easier to wield when there’s limited space to work with. If you haven’t mastered a cut-throat razor yet, then pop down to the barbershop!

Create your own style

Movember is all about individuality, so use a moustache wax that’s up to the challenge. Don’t be afraid to twirl the ends, give it a bit of thickness, or run some handlebars down to your chin — it’s all about trying out new things.

Moustache maintenance after Movember

Even if Movember has come and gone, you may find that your moustache wants to stick around for a little longer (they tend to have a mind of their own), so now it’s all down to some regular maintenance. The odd trim every week or so should see you through, but if you’re struggling to do this at home, pop and see your barber. Consider investing in beard oils too, as these will help to leave your moustache looking clean, shiny and smelling incredible.

Check out more about Movember and the Men’s Foundation on the official website.

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