Share the Love with These Epic Coffee Deals this Month

Coffee deals Coffee Pod Guru

Capitalise on their coffee-packed deals this February!

While Valentine’s Day has come and gone, it’s not too late to deliver some love to those special ones in your life, and nothing injects excitement and enthusiasm like some coffee and a good ole chocolatey treat. Local coffee specialists Coffee Pod Guru has made this process even easier by slashing some prices on some of their favourite products, giving you the perfect opportunity to indulge this month.

Coffee-lovers who enjoy a good ole filter coffee will know the biggest problem: you don’t want to make a whole pot if you aren’t going to drink it all. Yes, there are smaller plungers, but there’s also a lot of cleaning and prep required for something that only makes a single cup. So, what’s the solution?

The BrewSpoon available from Cofee Pod Guru is a clever little contraption that combines the filtration of coffee with… well, a spoon, and it’s ingenious.

Featuring a small sieve-like filter on the end, you simply open it, fill it with your favourite freshly-ground coffee, pop in in the cup, add hot water, and boom: you’ve got yourself a single cup of delicious filter coffee.

Coffee Pod Guru has a bundle featuring The BrewSpoon with 2 packs of ground coffee (250 grams each) for only R295. You have the choice to bundle your BrewSpoon with some great blends too, including Brazilian Santos, Italian Espresso, and more!

Furthermore, courtesy of Coffee Pod Guru, you can tuck into two new hot chocolate flavours: Bar One® and Milky Bar®.

Packaged in convenient resealable packets, the Bar One® and Milky Bar® flavours deliver the delectably iconic taste of the Nestle® classics, in a quick, convenient, and delicious powder. Just pour the Bar One or Milk Bar powder into your mug, add hot milk or water, and enjoy the sweet, creamy taste of both beloved chocolates.

This is the perfect gift with the two pack bundle (featuring a Bar One and Milky Bar flavours) currently on sale on Coffee Pod Guru’s official website for R135!

The special is valid until 28 February 2021. There are also loads of marked down products on the online store, with free delivery available on orders over R550.

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