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Jacobs Coffee Launches New Origins Instant Range

New Origins for Jacobs instant coffee.




Great news for coffee lovers — Jacobs coffee has announced the launch of its new pure instant range, Origins. According to Jacobs, the two new blends in the Origins range draw inspiration from the origins of Southeast Asia and Latin America, offering authenticity, coffee purity, and quality in every sip.

The Latin America blend offers a bright and aromatic taste with hints of citrus notes, while the Southeast Asia blend is perfect for those who enjoy a bold and intense taste.

Single origin coffee has grown over the last few years and is expected to register a CAGR of 8.25% from 2022-2027. “The trend of traceability among consumers continues to grow as they are more inclined to choose a coffee that offers a specific taste from a specific region. Another element of the traceability trend is the need to understand where their coffee comes from and if it was ethically sourced,” explains comments Matthew Dees, senior brand manager for Jacobs coffee.

Due to this trend growth, Jacobs says the addition of the Origins blends to the Jacobs instant coffee range was a natural progression. Dees explains that Jacobs has chosen two coffee regions, Latin America and Southeast Asia, that are known for quality, flavourful coffee and, to complete the trend of traceability. Jacobs says it is also very committed to ethically sourcing its coffee giving consumers the opportunity to drink quality coffee with a clear conscience.

The Jacobs Origins range offers coffee lovers an expertly sourced, roasted and blended range of coffee blends with distinct tastes and aromas. Jacobs is known for creating coffee products with a variety of flavours, giving consumers with different preferences the chance to enjoy a quality cup of Jacobs coffee.

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Dees acknowledges that Jacobs coffee has become synonymous with quality, one of the key elements that coffee lovers look for when purchasing their favourite drink. “Providing current and future Jacobs consumers with a range that offers everything they expect from the Jacobs freeze-dried instant range together with the guaranteed Jacobs quality and aroma makes choosing a favourite so must easier,” comments Dees.

The Jacobs Origins range 200g jars is now available in all major retailers at a RSP between R129,99 and R149,99.

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