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You’ve Been Pouring Beer Wong This Whole Time, Here’s What You Should Do

It’s time everyone learns the truth…




So, the concept of pouring different kinds of alcohol in optimal ways is common knowledge to anyone over the age of 18. But, is it just pompous sign of showing-off, or is there actually some logic behind it?

Well, when it comes to beer, we’ve been taught to pour in a subtle way as to avoid too much foam rising to the top, but this is wrong. The real reason is far more prosaic: to avoid a stomach ache after drinking it.

It boils down to a flaw in that traditional pouring practice which has become the status quo: people pour them slowly, with the glass slanted, so that none of the carbonation escapes. Seems like a good idea in theory, but what that actually leads to is all the carbonation (which is quite a lot) ending up in your stomach, and fizzing up, causing bloating. Here’s an expert that can explain it to you a little better:

So – in summary, always pour into a glass, and you don’t want to be too gentle by pouring your beer in a way that doesn’t unsettle the CO2 at least moderately. Did you learn something new from this? We certainly did!

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