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Black Friday 2018 – How You Can Take Advantage of the International Sales

Get ready to open up the roster of stores for your Black Friday shopping!




Black Friday – which traditionally takes place on the 23rd of November as a sort of ‘shopping holiday’ – has just recently become a thing in South Africa, and some of the deals you can find are seriously impressive. Although our retailers have adopted the event, in other parts of the world (the USA specifically, where it originated) it’s an even more established consumer holiday than it is here.

Obviously, shopping online and Black Friday go together like peanut butter and jam, but shopping online can come with a few little annoyances that can prevent you from taking advantage and getting some serious of deals.

The biggest issue when it comes to online shopping, particularly internationally, is how the shipping process works depending on the retailer you’re buying from. South Africa isn’t the most common shipping destination, so if a retailer ships here, it might be prohibitively expensive, and in some cases, they don’t actually list South Africa as a potential destination at all.

That could theoretically throw a spanner into the works and put a cloud over our Black Friday shopping exploits – but Postbox Courier is here to save the day.

They serve as something of an intermediary between customers doing online shopping and the retailer that is selling the products. If a retailer doesn’t ship to South Africa, you can use Postbox Courier’s service to get the items to you in any case by using one of their variety of North American, European, or Asian shipping addresses when you place your order. And signing-up is FREE!

So, if whether you’re scoping out some deals via Walmart, Amazon, BestBuy or Sephora, remember that Postbox Courier can open up the option to get your Black Friday shopping items directly to your door!

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