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How to Pick the Right Rewards Program to Get the Most Back

About to sign-up to a loyalty program? Here’s what you need to know.




Between grocery stores, medical aids, and retail, there’s probably a million different “rewards” programs available to us South Africans, but are they all the same? Not at all.

We know that a large chunk of them are merely hooks in order to get people to become returning customers, and not really offering any incentive or reward to remain loyal to the particular brand or service.

That, and the fact that many of them can only be used in one place, for a very specific thing, and can’t be redeemed elsewhere. They’re usually packed with more T&Cs than you can count, including expiry dates and conditional spending requirements.

So, what kind of rewards program should you be looking for?

Well, essentially, there’s two kinds of rewards programs: open-loop and closed-loop. Closed-loop programs only work at one store, or with one specific brand in mind. Open-loop programs are essentially unrestricted gift cards, which are not specific to a business and are accepted nearly everywhere, much like that of Legacy Lifestyle’s Rewards Program.

You see, instead of putting you in a corner, Legacy Lifestyle’s program allows you to earn and spend reward points at over 200 luxury lifestyle partners around South Africa and abroad using ONE card! You spend money, and earn points back, earning Lifestyle Rands where 1 Lifestyle Rand is equivalent to 1 Rand, giving you a wealth of stores, hotels, and services that you can cash in on.

There are also exclusive promotions with partners where great prizes can be won. Anything from Vouchers for products to weekends away in glorious Africa. These are open only to Legacy Lifestyle members.

To unlock the power of Legacy Lifestyle, all you need to do to register online via the Legacy Lifestyle website. There are NO sign-up or monthly fees, you simply activate your account online, via the Mobi App (Android and iOS), or in-store at over 200 Legacy Lifestyle brand partners. Some of the stores and brands part of the Legacy Lifestyle rewards program include: The Gadget Shop, Sunglass Hut, Spree, The Cross Trainer, Ben Sherman, Concept Cyclery, Havaianas, Dischem, and a whole host of others.Legacy-Lifestyle-partners-new 2

You can start earning points immediately and the Legacy Lifestyle Rewards App allows you to manage your profile, view your balances, link different memberships and more on-the-go.

Don’t miss out on the Legacy Lifestyle Rewards programme! Reward yourself here!

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