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Iceland’s Award-Winning Reyka Vodka Now Available in South Africa

This inventive spirit offers vodka lover’s a distinctive flavour worth savouring.




Reyka Vodka

Hailed as “the world’s smoothest vodka”, premium Icelandic vodka, Reyka, has finally arrived in South Africa. But what makes it so special? This award-winning spirit is produced in Borganes, a small village steeped in Viking history, and offers a distinctive flavour that is sure to tempt every vodka lover. With a taste described as exceptionally smooth and rounded, with a soft natural sweetness and a slight hint of wild fruits, Reyka Vodka can be enjoyed on the rocks or mixed into your favourite vodka cocktail for something truly unique.

Handcrafted in small batches in Iceland’s first vodka distillery, Reyka Vodka is made using a unique distillation method and innovative process. The process takes about six hours to produce a small batch of only 1,000 litres of vodka, using one of the only Carter-Head Stills in the world – and the only one that is used to make vodka. This precious spirit is then analyzed by the Master Distiller to ensure each and every bottle retains the highest of high quality.

Reyka Vodka

Emerging from a land of fire and ice, Reyka makes the most of Iceland’s resources – using nearby glacier spring water and lava rocks as a natural filtration system. On top of that, the distillery is also powered by geo-thermal energy from nearby hot springs. This gives every drop of Reyka its smooth taste and silky finish.

The spirit made its debut in 2005, when William Grant and Sons set out to make the cleanest and smoothest vodka in the world, and by 2011 Reyka was awarded the Vodka Trophy at the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC). The awards kept coming and in 2013 Reyka was also awarded the Gold Medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Watch the video below to find out more about how this unique vodka is made:

Reyka Vodka is now available at leading liquor stores at a Recommended Retail Price of R299.95.

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