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Do Reusuable Coffee Capsules Actually Work?

We put Coffee Pod Guru’s game-changing pods to the test.




Using coffee pods has become as contentious of an issue as discussing politics. Coffee snobs look down on you for drinking “inferior” quality coffee, and conservationists are quick to highlight the environmental issues of using said pods. Both valid issues, however, the reality is that the industry is evolving and things don’t have to be that clear-cut. Coffee Pod Guru, a local South African company, have introduced their reusuable coffee pods into the market; but do they handle the daily grind of MenStuff’s coffee-holics?

Coffee Pod Guru offers reusable pods in packs of 3 for Nespresso and Cafféluxe compatible machines, as well as pods for Dulce Gusto, Illy pods, and a stainless steel variant of the Nespresso pods.

We got to try out the plastic reusable Nespresso pods, and from the get-go, they’re pretty straight forward to use. Each pod features a plastic flap to access the containing area inside. All you need to do is pop the lid off, fill with your preferred ground coffee (finely ground is highly recommended), close the flap, and pop it into the machine as you would with any pod.

Coffee Pod Guru pods

The pins which usually puncture the disposable capsules don’t press into the Coffee Pod Guru capsule. Instead, a fine mesh back allows the high-pressure water to pass through and extract the coffee.

The result is a smooth cup of coffee, and the real winner is that users now have the choice to branch out from the usual (and somewhat limited) capsule flavours, brands and options, and purchase (or grind their own) fine, ground coffee from other brands and roasters.

So, short answer, do they work? Yes – they do. However, it must be said that the right grind of coffee is crucial in achieving a high quality, desired cup of coffee or espresso. Coffee Pod Guru has also introduced its own range of coffee designed specifically with the reusable pods in mind.

You can purchase your own Coffee Pod Guru reusable coffee pods on the company’s official website.

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