Canned Water in SA is Now a Thing! We Gave it a Try

Calm Water co

We try out Calm Water Co’s minimalist canned water.

While most mineral or natural water companies go with the most overelaborate bottles to showcase their version of water, Cape Town’s Calm Water Co. is going back to basics with a different approach: cans, and simple ones at that.

Calm Water’s philosophy is all about offering something sustainable, affordable, and stripping out all the jargon and marketing hullabaloo around bottled water, or in this case, canned water.

The water itself originates from the pristine slopes of the Cederberg mountain range and is naturally filtered through layers of Cape Sandstone, eventually reaching the source to produce purified water with an ideal ph-level and a balanced mineral content.

The company has two products on offer currently: a still and sparkling option.

Admittedly, while always refreshing, drinking pure filtered water out of a can does feel unusual. We’ve become so accustomed to the fizzy, sugary drinks often associated with cans, that having something so natural is bizarre, but a wholeheartedly welcome change, and a reminder that we can relook at the way things are done. Furthermore, having a pack of Calm Water promoted us to drink more water around MenStuff HQ, which is only a good thing!

On top of the brilliant concept, the packaging and branding of the company and its cans are also about minimal-waste. The simple, elegant design is as straightforward as can be, and its intentional, showcasing that the company is all about delivering great quality water in a simple, efficient way.

“Our water is canned at source using infinitely recyclable cans as an alternative to ocean destroying
plastic,” says Calm Water Co.

Calm Water is available countrywide with a RRP of R14,99 for a 330ml can.

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