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Fizz, Pop, Sip: Dive into Our Soda Machine Sale – Sparkling Deals for Your Thirst-Quenching Needs

Take your carbonation-game to the next level with a money-saving and easy-to-use soda machine.




Soda machines, more commonly known in South Africa as the Soda Stream, are sparkling water makers that enable consumers to transform ordinary tap water into sparkling water and then give it their preferred flavour by adding syrup. All this is down with the touch of a button, making it an incredibly easy and fun process for thirsty users.

All you need is your sparkling soda machine, a CO2 cylinder, carbonating bottle, and your favourite flavours to create something unique, delicious, and cost-efficient too.

It’s user-friendly, saves money over time, and provides a range of flavours to cater to your tastes. Additionally, there’s the undeniable enjoyment of crafting your own fizzy beverages at home. You can explore a selection of soda machines for sale available on the Shop Scanner website to find the perfect fit for your home.

In addition to this, soda machine products are environmentally friendly, and the Soda Stream reusable bottles rid the world of up to 3,000 single-use plastic bottles. This promotes health and wellness by making ordinary water fun and exciting to drink which has also been proven to lead consumers to drink more water. So, win-win.

How does a Soda Machine work?

The cordless, standalone machines are powered by the pressure of the gas and does not need batteries. You simply load your bottled water into the machine and when you press the button to carbonate, it opens the valve of the gas cylinder and the pressure from the cylinder makes the gas go straight into the bottle.

What can you sparkle with a soda machine?

You can carbonate almost any drink! Add the sparkle to juice, cider, iced tea, iced coffee, wine, flat soda and even liquor.

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You can make your own energy drinks or create craft cocktails at home and have a fizzy drink in seconds.

The options to your sparkling drink are endless with multiple flavours available on the market such as blood orange, ginger, lemonade, cream soda, cola, grapefruit and even some energy drink mixes.

What are the benefits of a soda machine?

There are numerous benefits in owning a soda machine, such as:

  • An endless supply of sparkling water
  • Saving money on sparkling water and soda
  • Reduction of waste which helps save the planet
  • No more flat soda – just add the bubble whenever you want to.
  • Enjoy a large variety of flavours that will sizzle and pop.
  • Reduce your sugar consumption in fizzy drinks
  • Healthier drinks

Investing in a soda machine presents a healthier and more eco-friendly option compared to store-bought sodas, so consider upping your appliance game with a handy Soda Stream machine in your home.

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