Under Armour Launches Clothing Designed to Increase Sports Performance


The latest Under Armour Rush and Recovery Technology is now available in SA.

When it comes to sports and fitness performance, we’re all looking for something that can give us a little more of an edge on the sports field or in the gym. Well, what if we told you that now, even your clothing can help improve your performance or speed up recovery? It may sound far fetched but Under Armour’s latest sports clothing technology is designed to do just that.

Featuring clothing designed to harness the energy generated from your body’s movements and speed up recovery time after sweat sessions, Under Armour’s Rush and Recover is an athlete’s best friend. The great news is Under Armour SA has recently launched Rush and Recover 2020 in South Africa, with products available in store and online.

What is UA Rush and Recover?

Under Armour says its Rush technology is designed to capture the heat energy your body releases and recycle it into your body, causing your blood vessels to widen and increasing oxygen in the cells. These super oxygenated cells flow faster through wider vessels and help to power tired muscles.

Recover tech

What started as a sleepwear solution for UA athletes worldwide expanded to what Under Armour calls the ultimate post-game, post train system designed to help restore muscles faster than ever. The technology in the printed fabric is said to return infrared energy to your body, boosting local blood flow and increasing the amount of oxygen reaching your muscles to help restore the muscles faster.

How can it benefit athletes?


In a statement released to the press, Under Armour explained the benefits of the technology and how it works: “Athletes are like lightbulbs: constantly emitting energy. Mineral infused fibres woven into the garment convert the body’s energy into far Infra-red waves and send those waves back to the body. Once in the body, the infra-red exposure boosts blood flow by widening the blood vessels, increasing the oxygenation and regeneration of the blood and deeply detoxifying it to rejuvenate organs and muscles. This all leads to giving the wearer more speed, strength and stamina.”


Wearing these garments is said to help increase blood flow, aid faster recovery and promote restful sleep, helping you come back stronger for your next session.

Basically, the printed technology on the inside of the garments uses your body’s energy to increase the amount of oxygen reaching your muscles to restore the muscles at a faster rate. This printed technology can be used in a variety of fabrics, allowing UA to go beyond sleepwear and use the same technology in all types of gear, such as jackets, pants, leggings and T-shirts.

The Rush and Recover 2020 Range

The Rush and Recover 2020 range for women includes a wide variety of garments. The Rush range for women offers everything from sports bras to leggings and tank tops. Find the full range here.

The UA Recover men’s range includes sleepwear and travel gear including a long-sleeve compession top (R899), UA stamina tights (R1,899), UA Recover Travel Jacket (R1,699), and UA short-sleeve compression shirts (R799).

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