3 Biggest Game Releases in SA this Week

What can you expect from this week’s game releases?

It’s only the first real week of March and the gaming release list is already delivering some exciting titles, including a hilarious party game, a task-team shooter, and a not-so-old favourite in a spiffy new package. Check out our picks for the games releasing this week:

Scribblenauts Showdown

Release date: 6 March 2018 (Xbox One | PS4 | Switch)

The admittedly clever write-to-solve Scribblenauts series has always found itself to be a solitary experience most comfortable on handheld platforms, but the franchise is making its jump to home consoles with Scribblenauts Showdown, taking a party-game twist on the puzzle-adventure formula. Players essentially compete in a variety of different challenges, but the twist is that each player can write and create their own solution (in the form of an item or rule) to give themselves an edge. Need to select an animal to win a hurdle race? Type in ‘cheetah’ (or something else that will work). Need better bait for a fishing challenge? Try a hamburger (fish love hamburgers, right?). It’s all a bit tongue-in-cheek and more about having fun with your imagination that playing with real-world rules.

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Bravo Team

Release date: 6 March 2018 (PS4 | PSVR)

Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games has really been putting an emphasis on VR, and after the enjoyable horror The Inpatient, the studio’s next game, Bravo Team, arrives this week. Inspired by action movies, this is a first-person cover-based shooter built for teamwork – both single player and two-player online co-op. Set in a fictional modern-day city in Eastern Europe, Bravo Team puts you into an intense firefight that will test both your shooting and tactical combat skills. You’ll need to be physical too – leaning around corners or ducking for cover. The game is fully compatible with the standard Dualshock 4 and PS Move controllers, but the developers recommend using the Aim controller to take advantage of the immersive elements of the game, such as raising the the Aim to view through the iron sight or holding above your head to blind fire.

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Final Fantasy XV

Release date: 6 March 2018 (PC; Also available on Xbox One | PS4)

Final Fantasy XV was highly-praised when it arrived on consoles in 2016, and now it makes it’s jump to the PC, and of course, there are a whole host of visual enhancements and in-game items to come with it.

We reviewed Final Fantasy XV when it initially released on consoles back in December 2016, saying the following:

“Final Fantasy XV‘s decision to opt for a more real-time action-orientated style (as opposed to its traditional turn-based gameplay) will divide fans, but there’s no denying that the series is taking risks – and most of them for the better. The game world itself is as massive, diverse, and fantastical as you’d hope from a current generation Final Fantasy game, and the visuals are breathtakingly gorgeous; but alongside the wild ambitious, FFXV also manages to tell an endearing story about four friends and their journey through this crazy world, bringing some heart to the giant-monster-slaying.”

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All the games arriving this week:

Final Fantasy XV (PC) – 6 March
Bravo Team (PSVR) – 6 March
Frantics (PS4) – 6 March
Scribblenauts Showdown (Switch | PS4 | Xbox One) – 6 March
Fear Effect Sedna (Switch | PS4 | Xbox One | PC) – 6 March

What game are you most looking forward to this week? Let us know below or on Facebook or Twitter!

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