Top 5 Black Friday Deals

Black Friday deals

We round up the very-best specials worth checking out this Black Friday!

The world’s most frantic shopping date is upon us, so we’re going to have a look at some of the prospective Black Friday deals you can keep an eye out for if you’re planning some heavy retail therapy this weekend!

1. Samsung 48’’ Full HD LED TV – R6,999 (30% off)

Because of the rapid development of television technology, getting a sizable full HD TV is no longer a purchase that requires several mortgages and a lottery win to manage.

Check out the deal here.

Check out the deal here, and also check out’s Blue Dot sale below to scope out their other impressive deals!

5. Xbox One S 500GB – R3499 (30% off)

Console prices don’t drop very easily, and are almost never subject to sale periods from most retailers. That rule of thumb is really only broken on special retail occasions like Black Friday, so if you’ve been eyeing a current-gen console, this Xbox One deal is one of the best going around.

Check out the deal here.

2. Puma Tsugi Shinsei – R1149 (50% off)

Since we’re now heading into the depths of summer and trying to avoid heat stroke every time we go out, it’s time to break out the lightweight, breathable sneakers. Monochromes are flexible and tend to be more versatile than colourful or patterned kicks, with all white being the monochrome of choice, and these cool Puma runners tick all the right boxes!

Check out the deal here.

Check out Sportscene’s other deals here.

3. Old Khaki Kiro Slim Chinos – R275 (50% off)

Chinos are versatile style staples every guy should have in his closet. Khaki is a safe earth tone to go with because it tends to suit most other colours you’re likely to pair it with, but Old khaki has a few other colours available for those who are a little more adventurous or who may already have khaki chinos, the navy pair is the next in line for must-have pairs of trousers for guys!

Check out the deals here and here.

4. Nike Mercurial Vapor XI CR7 – R1,599 (50% off)

Due to all the innovations and development brands are cramming into football boots, their prices have been rising rapidly over the last few seasons, so grabbing them for a bargain when possible isn’t a bad idea. Built for the speedy among us, the Mercurial Vapors XI are probably Nike’s most popular model so if you’ve had an eye on them for a while Black Friday is the time to grab them.

Check out the deal here.

What do you think of the deals above? Seen any other specials you think our readers should know about? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter.


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