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This 3D Body-Scanning Mirror Might Be Your Best Fitness & Health Buddy

Get the low-down on your body with Naked!




Okay, so body-shaming is a terrible and hurtful thing to inflict on anyone – as deemed by the powers that be that set our social standards. It makes a lot of sense, though. I mean, who likes to hear from another human being that they’re not the absolute Adonis carved out of marble that they so desperately want to be? That’s right: nobody.

But, luckily delivering that excruciating but sometimes necessary news can now be done in a diplomatic and sensitive way; by a robot. Well, not a robot like a Star Wars droid, but rather a mirror humorously dubbed the ‘Naked’ – a recently launched body-scanning mirror.

It has the ability to break down your body fat, your muscle-to-fat ratio, and can help you track your progress over time. It uses infrared sensors to accurately perform the diagnostic process, and even has a corresponding app that will help you monitor your progress on your fitness or weight-loss journey.

It’s perfect for those of us keen to start our fitness journey but don’t want a personal trainer with an absurdly consistent tan and painstakingly well-crafted undercut highlighting all our flaws.

It’s retailing for around $1,400 (almost R20,000), though, so if you happen to break this mirror than a lot of financial misery will accompany those seven years of bad luck!

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