Massage Guns: Are They Worth It & Do They Work? [Review]

Massage Gun Prosage Evertone

We get our hands on the Evertone Prosage to see what all the fuss is about!

Massage guns are the new sunglasses. Everyone wants to get their hands on one, thanks to the benefits that percussion therapy provides to sore and tired muscles. The Evertone Prossage is one of the most popular of the options available on the market, with a reasonable price-point and power outage to match; but is it worth picking up? Or should you stick to the foam-roller and massage parlour visits?

So what exactly is the Evertone Prosage massage gun? It’s a handheld, battery-powered massage tool which uses percussive vibration for deep tissue stimulation, rather than a standard vibration you’d find on most run-of-the-mill massagers these days. Utilising the product is said to increase circulation, break up knots, release trigger points, and improve recovery; but does it work? The short answer: yes.

After finding the right pressure points on your achy limbs, neck, or shoulders, and targeting them with the Evertone Prosage, you can immediately feel a release of pressure and pain, one which is often only found when visiting a professional masseuse. Of course, the learning curve is finding the right spot to place the massage gun in, which comes down more to the user than the product itself. But if you’re able to pinpoint the ligament or muscle causing you grief, you can do wonders with the Evertone Prosage.

One of the notable problems with massage guns is that they’re loud. Thankfully, the Prosage is relatively quiet compared to other massagers on the market, and only leaves a subtle ‘hum’ when in use. The one minor problem is the location of the power button, which sits right under your index finger when holding the gun. It inevitably leads to some accidental pushes when in use (leading to it switching off or an increase in intensity), and a better position for the button would’ve saved some small headaches.

Included with the Prosage are three customised massager heads (which can be interchanged with a quick swivel and swap). There’s the standard ball-head for targeting muscles and getting in-between them, a flatter option with nubs to tackle the more sensitive areas, and a completely flat option for hitting those surface muscles and aches. These head attachments, along with the three different speed settings, give you enough variety to find the intensity you need for your particular problem.

If you’re an athlete, social sports player, or someone who deals with a lot of pain or tight muscles, considering the Evertone Prosage is a good idea. You get a well-made tool, with enough modes and attachments to cater for a variety of locations and sensitivities, and the fact that its portable makes it a must for any on-the-go individual.


  • Build-quality
  • Price
  • Multiple speeds & attachments.


  • Location of power button.
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