Make Some Extra Money with Your Under-Used Appliances with List It

List it app

Don’t sell it, rent it.

Many of us have a garage full of hardware equipment or power tools that we picked up in a fit of DIY enthusiasm that we may or may not actually make use of on a regular basis. Whether it’s a power drill you got that time you promised yourself you’d be doing all the handyman tasks around the house, or the lawn mower you picked up on sale to see if gardening was your thing, most of us have a few of these sorts of items gathering dust somewhere when they could be put to better use.

That’s where the List It app comes in and provides an excellent service that extracts some more value out of under-used power tools or appliances. If you’re someone who doesn’t have a collection of things rusting away in their garage, but you still occasionally need a particular power tool or device, List It can help pair you up with someone that has what you need.

The idea behind the app is rather simple: you can either list goods or services you’re willing to rent out to prospective parties, or if you’re in need of something, you can browse and find someone that owns what you require.

The main appeal behind using this app is that it drastically cuts down on the costs you would incur if you wanted to buy all the hardware you may (or more likely, may not) want to use throughout a year. Household maintenance can be a pain in the neck to coordinate, but by browsing List It, you can narrow down what you’d like to rent or which service you’d like to use when specific tasks come up and pay a lot less to get things done.

On the other hand, if you’re already sitting on quite a few tools and appliances that you don’t tend to use frequently, you can turn those into a source of income by renting them out to interested parties near you. Simply list what you have, or browse for what you need, contact the potential party, and arrange the details for the transaction, and you’ll be handling household headaches a lot faster and more efficiently than if you had to worry about buying all the gear yourself!

Check out more on List it here.

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