6 Important Tips to Help Save Your Broken Samsung

WeFix’s technical guru gives us some tricks on how to help revive your sad Sammy.

As smartphones have evolved, so have the maintenance needs. Our precious devices will only last as long as you let them. Thankfully, weFix is a fully authorised Samsung repairer, with some highly-trained technicians who specialise in Samsung repairs; but are there any tricks (other than the obvious ones) of keeping your device in tip-top shape? We chatted with weFix’s technical training manager Ashraf Rogers to get a little more tips on keeping your Samsung secure prior to checking in for a repair.


First and foremost, if your device is broken – not all is lost! Keep in mind that your Samsung device is likely covered by ADH, which stands for Accidental Damage from Handling and is a unique service provided to Samsung customers to protect their supported Samsung Galaxy device for accidental damage during normal use. However, you do need your proof of purchase to qualify for ADH, so hold onto that! WeFix stores accredited with ADH include the Fourways Crossing, Clearwater Mall, Eikestad Mall, and Cape Town Gardens branches.

The devices weFix services under ADH include Samsung Galaxy S3 models up to the Galaxy S8, Galaxy A3 up to the A8, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Gear, Galaxy Grand Prime, Galaxy Core Prime, along with the Galaxy J1 up to Galaxy J7, Note 2 up to the Note 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy Pads.

You can get more details on the ADH Core, Standard, and Premium packages here.

Battery must be disconnected

If your Samsung device’s faults may be due to the battery, or at least you think it is, the battery should not be plugged in while in transit.

Cracked screen? Here’s what to do

Did your Samsung have a little too hard meeting with gravity? Rather than just carrying on using it, rather visit your nearest weFix and let them sort it out for you. A cracked screen usually ends up with shattered glass fragments and this can be dangerous not just for your hands, but also for your eyes as these pieces of glass can break into tinier pieces invisible to the eye.

Include the necessary accessories

When taking in your Samsung device to weFix, it’s best to include all necessary accessories that you use with your device. It is possible for a fault to stem from the actual accessory, such as a faulty charger, charging cable, power bank, or screen protector, and not purely from the phone itself. This will allow weFix’s technicians to test the accessories to find the root of the problem.

Samsung repair wefix

Make a backup

Backup your device to Google Sync or another Samsung or Android compatible backup service, as well as locally. This minimises the risk of complete data loss as a result of an unsuccessful repair or intermittent problem on the device.

Surrender your passcode

If needed, you might have to turn off security features on your Samsung smartphone to ensure comprehensive diagnosis or repair of your device. This allows a technician to test all functions pre and post repair. Disabling the Find your Phone app also assists in accurate testing.

Give accurate and true details

While weFix’s technicians are highly-trained smartphone repair ninjas, they’re also human, and therefore might make a mistake once or twice in their lifetime. For this reason, accurate information is important to again ensure that the exact faults don’t return after a repair. Also, a device coming in for a camera repair or battery could get exponentially worse if information is withheld (e.g. if there is no mention of liquid damage).


So, if you’re in need of some smartphone repairs, get in touch with the trustworthy guys in town, WeFix. Check out the weFix online store and Tweet them @weFix to say hi!


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