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Digitise: What is it & Why You Should Care

Digitise could just be the key to getting your business off the ground.




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Starting a business in this day and age (while far more convenient than it used to be), requires a whole lot more. Not only do you need to register your business, but now you have to have a domain name, website, a way to manage your customers or clients, and a marketing plan. But, imagine having all those needs filled by one simple system?

Digitise is just that. Combining a hosting and website-building platform with a fully-integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) back-end and marketing tools, Digitise is an all-in-one solution to get your business off the ground. So instead of using ten different companies (with half of it probably being outsourced to India) to get what you need, Digitise does it all at a fraction of the cost.

So, what exactly is Digitise?

It’s an online platform, but one which you have full control of. So, instead of registering your domain with a hosting company, struggling to build a website on WordPress, hiring a designer, fumbling your way trying to keep track of your customers on a badly laid-out Excel spreadsheet, and then attempting a marketing plan, you can simply use Digitise to make running your business (and life) a whole lot easier.

Can it help me create a website?

Digitise offers a full name and domain registration process, and after that, a slick drag-and-drop website builder is at your finger-tips. And if you want to get going quicker, there are even SEO-optimised website templates to choose from – whether you’re looking to make a simple business website or online store.

If you’re not the hands-on type, the website can be designed for you while still giving you full control to edit and maintain your website after it goes live!

It’ll save you a lot of time and streamline your day-to-day tasks

Even when your business is up and running, taking care of customers and clients can be tricky. Thankfully, Digitise features a comprehensive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that will store all relevant customer info, assist with lead management, create reminders, and even allow for customisation of features to include labels and fields tailored for your business’ requirements. Additionally, it links up with the Digitise marketing tools offering to plug your CRM seamlessly into your marketing strategy, too.

It’ll help let people know about your business

Every company’s growth relies on having a solid, well-coordinated marketing strategy that is also flexible and can adapt to changing needs and execution. It’s a simple task to optimise your marketing communication and keep track of all the campaigns you’re running with Digitise’s marketing toolkit. It’s cost-effective and allows bulk SMS campaigns to be implemented quickly and easily.

Check out the concise breakdown of all the value Digitise provides in the video below:

How much does it cost?

The team behind Digitise is aware that start-ups need flexibility, so when it comes to costs, there are no contracts or long-term commitments; and there are flexible pricing packages so that you can find the best option for you and your business.

The benefit of using the Digitise platform is that from the front-end of the webpage to the CRM and marketing tools in the background, your entire online toolbox is with the same provider, making the transition in the digital space a hassle-free one rather than a painstaking process of vendor selection and hunting down the right service providers.

Why not sign-up and get cracking on your business now? Check out Digitise here.

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