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How Custom Software Saves Money, Increases Productivity

How can custom software help your increase business productivity and cut costs?





Digital platforms and products that are becoming more readily available to each and every business offers them greatest potential growth with increasingly lower barriers to entry. Once upon a time, having a website was something reserved for multimillion Rand businesses, but due to the availability and accessibility of digital solutions, it’s possible for any company or individual to establish their online presence.

Custom software, in particular, provides a massive opportunity to business owners to increase their own productivity, business growth, and their market exposure. We’re going to have a look at a few of the ways custom software can provide surprisingly effective benefits at relatively low cost.

Make you and your employees more effective

One-size fits all software solutions are readily available and can get a company some of the way when it comes to developing their digital presence, but unfortunately due to their generic nature, the capabilities of off-the-shelf software is quite limited. Custom software development offers far more flexible options for companies to utilise. Is your business or product somewhat unique or unusual? Do you require an employee to do something that’s not a ‘traditional’ task? Industry-specific functions might be necessary for the software, or certain operations in your company may require particular tools that aren’t available in one-size solutions. This implies you can also incorporate functions on the back-end that make employee activities faster – meaning they’re more productive and provide more value for the company.

Novelty attracts customers

An important factor for companies to consider is how their future customers will experience their websites. Everyone browses countless websites each day; shopping around to buy something, finding information, registering for educational institutions, and so on. Just by observing the look and feel, we all know when a website is using a cookie-cutter format, or when there has been effort put into creating a unique experience. Custom software will immediately feel novel for new visitors to the site, and if it’s been designed well, there’s a significant incentive for people to return. The more people return because they enjoy the site, the less needs to be spent marketing to bring them back.

Custom software turns into ‘I-Cap’

When someone uses a one-size-fits-all software solution, it means they’re effectively renting the ability to use something from a vendor, and it means it doesn’t truly belong to them. An exceptionally under-rated benefit of investing in custom software is that when all is said and done, you own the final product, and if you’ve designed something particular that few other websites have, you gain a distinct competitive advantage that belongs to you exclusively. Although this doesn’t translate directly into money saved, it means the brand value of the organisation in question increases because it can perform functions that are rare.

Although it can seem like a daunting journey to embark on, taking the leap into custom software will pay dividends for any business that is willing to invest the time and energy into it. Fortunately, there are also companies like My Online Presence that are well-versed in the process of turning a novel concept into a functioning reality, and their expertise can take add a lot of convenience and peace of mind to the process.

So if you’ve been toying with the idea of developing a distinct digital platform to get your company’s growth to the next level, get in touch with the team at My Online Presence and let them guide you on the way!

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