5 Things We (Think) We Know About the iPhone 8

We roundup the biggest rumours about Apple’s forthcoming device!

Like taxes, death, and bills, there’s one other thing that’s a guaranteed certainty in life: a new iPhone every year. This year, the iPhone 8 makes its appearance, and while we don’t know too much about Apple’s secretive successor to the iPhone 7, we’ve rounded up the best sources and rumours that seem to hold a bit of weight.

1) Wireless charging

The iPhone 7 saw the beginning of Apple’s aim to lose all wires with the release of the AirPods; now, the next iPhone entry will do away with its charging cable – well, partially, at least. Several sources, including Bloomberg, have reported that Apple is currently testing wireless charging tech for the upcoming device, and it’s said that the new cutting-edge tech would allow devices to be recharged from far away – even from across a room.

2) No more Home button

With the on-going goal to increase screen size without compromising the size of the device, Apple is reportedly doing away with the Home button as we know it. Ditching the primary physical button will allow Apple to rid the frame borders of the phone, and stretch the screen across the full length of the device. In its place, there will likely be a “virtual” home button positioned on the screen, along with a more advanced Touch ID featuring a fingerprint sensor. This has been speculated for some time now, but it’s looking extremely likely to happen with the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8

3) Eye and face-scanning tech

In recent years, Apple has acquired a number of companies who specialise in facial recognition software, and it’s speculated that the technology will feature in the iPhone 8, as well as iris-scanning capabilities, which was prompted by a leak from a chinese Chip manufacturer. That means you might be able to unlock your phone, or pay for stuff via Apple Pay, just by looking into a little camera on the screen.

4) Curvy plastic

To optimise weight-shedding, durability, and flexibility, it’s said that the iPhone 8 will feature a “plastic” screen that bends over the edges, much like the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. In fact, one report claims that Samsung’s own display subsidiary will be making the curved OLED screens for the new Apple device.

5) The trifecta

According to several reports, Apple is planning to release three different versions of the iPhone 8. There may be a “premium” model that features  a curved OLED screen, and then two others (perhaps in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch sizes) that sport a lesser-quality curved LCD display.

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