Puma Goes Back to the Future with Sega, Polaroid Collabs

A Sonic the Hedgehog inspired sneaker? We’re in.

Anyone that’s been following fashion trends for the last couple of years would’ve noticed the immense resurgence of the running shoe craze, which is being touched on by pretty much every brand out there.

Runners that were around in the 80s would probably remember the Puma RS (Running System) cushioning technology that they released at the time, and 2018 sees a return for not only the original running shoe models, but also a few new silhouettes being added. Puma has teamed up with Sega, Roland, Polaroid, and Ader Error to create models in collaboration with each company.

If there’s anything that’s potentially bigger than the running shoe craze, it’s the retro revival that’s tapping into 80s pop culture and aesthetics – another highly noticeable inspiration for the newer RS models. In addition to showing off the original models at the launch, the RS-Computer, RS-100, and RS-1, they also showcased the collab models that will be going on sale soon:

Puma RS-Play

Puma RS-Sound

Puma RS-Ader

Puma RS-Optic

So, whether someone likes minimalist and understated, or futuristic and filled with tech – at least one of these collaborations models will probably appeal to every sneaker head. Local release information has yet to be confirmed, but will probably be available shortly. 80s cool and sneaker trends – is there a better combination?

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