Zando Launches New ‘Laced’ Sneaker Store

Laced header

Zando puts its best foot forward with Laced!

Zando has been one of the most used options for online clothes shopping in South Africa, and they’re expanding their reach by adding something new to their stable: their very own sneaker store, ‘Laced’.

Competition is tough for newly-launching stores since there are quite a number of outlets where you can find some of the newest and best kicks, but Zando and Laced are opening up with a bang by running some competitions that’ll generate some buzz.

In addition to the competitions, they’ll also be keeping followers of their social media accounts updated on upcoming sales and new stock that comes in – so keep your eyes peeled if there’s something dropping in the near future that you want to get your hands on.

They’ve got a few of the iconic silhouettes, so if you need to get laced up in something new, head through and see what they’ve got!

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