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Nike x Off-White Air Max 97 ‘Menta’ Release & Pricing Details

Nike & Virgil Abloh join forces for a limited collaboration on the good ole Air Max 97.





The Off-White fashion collaboration venture by designer Virgil Abloh has had some interesting results that have been taking the streetwear scene by storm, and the latest team-up with Nike is one which has caught the eye of the fashion world.

The modus operandi of the crossover so far has been for the pair to identify some of Nike’s most iconic silhouettes, and then inject some special Virgil Abloh style treatment and voila – you’ve got sneakers that will get recognised by any streetwear aficionado worth their salt.

The latest to come off the assembly line is a new iteration of the Air Max 97, and by the looks of it, it’s one of the best of the bunch. A few of the other Nike x Off-White mash-ups have been a little polarising, with some taking the streetwear experimentation a little far.

These haven’t over-stepped any boundaries, though, and look exceptionally sleek and well executed, especially the hits of color intermittently popping across the grey and silver upper. The signature Off-White branding text is reserved for the inner part of the upper, too, so it’s not as distracting or prominent as it’s been on other releases from the range.

They’ll be set for official release on 10 November for a retail price of $190 (around R2,800) Stateside, but local pricing and release information hasn’t been confirmed. As always, and this applies all around the world, any limited edition release is almost instantly sold out only to reappear at vastly inflated prices on resale sites.

So, if you’re keen to pick up a pair of these, get the Red Bull and twitch-reflexes ready so that you can nab a pair before the mob pounces.

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