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Adidas Dragon Ball Z Sneakers – Where to Buy & Pricing Details

The first Adidas x Dragon Ball sneakers are Goku and Frieza-themed!




Dragon Ball Z Adidas

Collaborations in fashion are all the rage right now, especially when it comes to sneaker collabs that showcase some new renditions of existing silhouettes – and Adidas is on top of that game.

The first two models coming out of this team-up between Adidas and Dragon Ball will feature modified Adidas kicks that have been inspired by Goku and Frieza, with Goku’s looking like the undeniable pick of the two.

The Goku themed shoe is a ZX500 RM runner, and contains multiple references to Goku’s mythology as well as his traditional Saiyan combat outfit. The orange, yellow, and blue hints are all there, with some additional cues like fraying on the three stripes (representing his torn outfit during his fight with Frieza after going Super Saiyan for the first time) and a small cloud embroidery on the instep.

Frieza’s themed shoe is a Yung-1, fulfilling any trend-hopping hypebeast’s fantasy of having an on-trend sneaker and collaboration all in the same shoe. Chunky sneaker wearers that also happen to be DBZ fans will rejoice at this release.

It’s a lot simpler than the Goku ZX500, with the majority of the shoe being white and purple, with occasional hits of pink – all referencing Frieza’s alien skin tone. The pink jewel just above the toe box accurately evokes how shiny the pint-sized villain’s dome head was in his final form.

Both shoes are available on Shelflife from Saturday, 29 September 2018, with the Adidas ZX 500 RM (Goku) priced at R2,799, while the Adidas Yung-1 (Frieza) carry a price-tag of R2,499.

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