The Ginetta Supercar is Like Something Out of ‘Need for Speed’

The Brits unleash a 600 horsepower monster!

The days where only massive, historic brands were designing and releasing supercars is long gone. Nowadays, everyone from micro-brands or ambitious start-ups are trying their hands at producing exotic beasts that’ll capture the imagination. Sometimes they get it right, sometimes they don’t.

The Ginetta Supercar seems like it’s the real deal, though, since they’ve attempted to offer a well-rounded supercar rather than meticulously focusing on just one aspect and neglecting something else.

Performance-wise, it’ll be driven by an in-house designed 6.0-litre V8 that’s capable of cranking out 600 horsepower and reaching a top-speed of over 320km/h – not shabby by any means, but also not pushing the envelope either. Due to its carbon-fibre monocoque body, that 600 horsepower is propelling a body that weighs in at less than 1, 200kgs, making its power-to-weight ratio a rather impressive one.

Its performance is clearly nothing to underestimate, and they’ve managed to give it the aggressive design that goes along with that kind of output power, although by all accounts, the design is something that might rub some people up the wrong way. ‘Understated’ is definitely not the first word that comes to mind.

From the massive spoiler at the back and swooping lines of the bonnet, to the collection of carbon fibre vents and panels all across the chassis, this car is clearly meant to catch the eye. Its front bumper and grill even seem to take some cues from Le Mans or F1 track cars – which isn’t surprising since it can basically keep up with them.

There are only 20 of the Ginetta Supercars planned for production, and even at a price of $530,000 (R7.5m), only 14 have already been booked – so anyone hoping to get in on the action will have to move as fast as this car does.

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