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5 Awesome Products to Show Your Love for ‘Stranger Things’

Dive deeper into the Upside Down with these Stranger Things items!

Jeremy Proome



Stranger Things 3

It’s safe to say, that Netflix’s 80s-inspired sci-fi series Stranger Things has captured everyone’s attention and imagination. From the retro look and feel and relatable characters, to the horrifying monsters and conspiracy setting, it’s hard not to like Mike, Will, and the gang’s misadventures in Hawkins. So, it’s only fitting that we pay tribute to the beloved show by highlighting some of our favourite Stranger Things goodies available!

Monopoly: Stranger Things edition

There’s just about every themed Monopoly under the sun, so it’s no surprise that Netflix’s hit show gets its own board game action. The Stranger Things edition of Monopoly features tokens ripped straight from the Upside Down, while the usual houses and hotels are replaced with hideouts and forts (which glow in the dark). Instead of trying to get to the end, though, players have to search the town, travel through the locations of Hawkins, and avoid getting trapped in the upside down in order to find Will Byers.

Dustin and Steve T-Shirt

A fan-favourite duo of Season 2 and 3 is that of Dustin and Steve. An unlikely combo, the two form a solid friendship throughout the show and what better way to showcase that than with this adorable “Pretty Darn Good Babysitter” t-shirt. Awwww…

Mike Funko Figure

If you want a little Stranger Things to your office or work-desk, check out the Mike Funko Pop, who comes equipped with his trusty walkie-talkie, and kitted out in his full 80s garb!

Hopper’s shirt from Season 3

Any fans of Stranger Things, and particularly those who’ve binged Season 3 already, know that the 80s aesthetic runs deep in the Netflix sci-fi show. However, one of the most 80s thing has been Jim Hopper’s colourful button-up shirt. As the season takes place over the course of a few days, David Harbour’s character dons the eye-catching shirt throughout the majority of the series – which has made it a favourite item amongst fans; thankfully, you can now own one.

Barb mug

To pay homage to one of the first season’s unsung heroines (and one who met their untimely demise), you can pick up this Barb mug, featuring a shot of her from a missing persons poster.

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