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Top 5 Goals of the 2017/2018 Season (So Far)

Which goals currently top the list as the season’s best?

We’re heading into meaty portion of the current 2017/2018 football season, and while there could still be some amazing goals coming our way, we’ve decided to round up the very-best that have graced our eyeballs this season (so far):

Marco Asensio – Real Madrid v Barcelona

This fixture is probably the most high profile match in club football; the Clasico, and for good reason. In the modern era, Barcelona and Real Madrid have not only played some of the best football, but have fielded some of the game’s best players. A youngster looking to make a name for himself, Marco Asensio, put away this long range missile on the biggest stage.

Soufiane Boufal – Southampton v West Brom

Long-range volleys or cracking free-kicks do satisfy a certain itch to see goals of raw power, but something with a little finesse can be just as enjoyable. Sofiane Boufal was brought in my Southampton to fill the gap left by Sadio Mané’s departure, and the Moroccan showed why he’s a worthy successor with a fantastic mazy run and composed finish at the end.

Benjamin Jeannot – Dijon FCO v Paris St Germain

Trying your luck from range is one thing, and for some players, they strike it lucky and their attempt from far out settles in the back of the net. A sweetly struck volley, though, takes a lot more focus and technique to successfully pull off. PSG might be flying high right now, but Benjamin Jeannot took them down a few pegs with this effort that the keeper barely even registered before it was past him.

Terens Puhiri – Mitra Kukar v Borneo FC

This unusual display of freakish speed comes from the Indonesian league, where a 21-year-old winger by the name of Terens Puhiri picked up possession in his own half and blitzed across the field in what feels like nanoseconds. He managed to keep his composure long enough to skip past the keeper and bury a finish into an open net. Could he be a contended for the fastest footballer?

Nabil Fekir – Lyon v Bordeaux

Every now and then, a rare halfway line goal comes along, and they’re usually all roughly similar — the player lashes what looks like a goal kick high and centred, and through some inattentiveness on the keeper’s part, the ball sneaks in. Not this one from Nabil Fekir. After a smart interception, he pulls the trigger right in his own half, but rather than a long-range lob, he managed to execute a shot that stayed flat and true for 50 metres and gave the keeper no hope of acting quickly enough.

The season has already seen some extremely impressive goals, which ones would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook and Twitter!

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