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How Live Streaming Has Changed The Way We Watch Football

Streaming has changed the way in which we consume sports… and for the better.




When the world was put on lockdown earlier last year, most sports clubs lost the much-needed revenue they got from gate money and merchandise sales on stadiums. As a result, football clubs and leagues had to cope playing in empty stadiums, meaning they had to find new ways to broadcast the sports content to their fans. Fortunately, major leagues still managed to broadcast the content on TV, leaving smaller leagues and clubs at the mercy of other technologies to allow fans to enjoy their games.

In recent years, live streaming has become more common than ever, with betting operators like Betway also jumping on the opportunity to assist their customers when betting live. Unfortunately, the operating costs have always been a major problem, especially for small leagues. But thanks to Pixellot, lesser teams with limited finances can live stream their games through AI.

Pixellot is an AI-powered live streaming platform that allows games to be broadcasted live without any producers, cameramen, and other key people traditionally required for broadcasting matches. The platform uses artificial intelligence in a camera for tracking the ball, meaning there’s no need of paying a human to follow the match closely.

This AI-powered software comes as a gamechanger in how we watch football as it eliminates the need for the camera crew and includes a scoreboard. It also displays the team names and minutes gone in a match, just like watching the action on live television. The technology also works in stadiums with poor lighting and can stream the action even with low bandwidth, proving quite useful to online sports betting enthusiasts wagering on these games with the Betway app.

With the Pixellot technology, even leagues under a limited budget can broadcast their sports content online, allowing people to watch the action on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. That makes live streaming the perfect alternative to broadcasting games on Live TV. This technology is already in use by the Polish third-tier league, broadcasting about 100 games through OTT’s and over 250 more games are set for next season.

Currently, Pixellot is producing and streaming around 80,000 live games every month from different leagues all over the world without the need for a single camera operator. The company started its operation in 2013 led by Gal Oz, aiming to keep growing every year. This technology is currently working with clubs like Celtic, Benfica, and Real Sociedad. It also works with major TV companies like ESPN and football competitions such as the Scottish and Mexican leagues.

For football teams, this technology is great as its tactical camera view lets coaches analyse the squad’s performances without any issues. Fortunately, Pixellot’s video quality is unparalleled even without the cameraman or producers, as revealed by Craig Dunbar, Celtic’s Head of Analysis.

The technology gained a lot of traction last year thanks to the lockdown that left fans outside stadiums, leaving them looking for alternative options to watch games not broadcasted on live TV. As a result, more leagues began embracing the live stream technology and you can expect to see this trend going further in the future, changing how we watch soccer forever.

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