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Bulgarian Player Drinks Beer On Pitch, Goes on to Score Last Minute Equaliser [Video]

Saves the pitch and the day.




Some aspire to be astronauts; others aim to become politicians. Us? We long to be Bulgarian defender Ivan Bandalovski.

Why? Well, the Vereya star managed to take a swig of beer during a pivotal football game against Levski Sofia (which would decide which team would be promoted to next season’s Europa League), before going on to score an all-important equaliser. All in a day’s work, we guess.

Jokes aside (we would never condone the drinking of alcohol during a sporting encounter), but Vereya’s actions did give us a chuckle, nod of approval, and deemed it worthy enough to feature on MenStuff.

So, check out Bandalovski’s “drinks break” above, and his goal following that moment, below:

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