Amazon Rivals ‘Wish’ with New Under $10 Section

Hide yo’ wallet!

As our shopping routines continue to move from brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping carts, online retailers are busy upping the ante with their offers. The latest move from Amazon, that has somewhat gone under the radar, is that they’ve launched a new ‘under $10’ section where they’ve got a mass of products available from all categories at some incredible prices.

This is a move that replicates the model of a few other digital retailers that have prioritised extremely affordable and on-sale consumer goods as their products of choice. One of the additional benefits to Amazon’s section is that all of these under $10 products ship for free, encouraging as much participation from bargain-hunters as possible.

While it’s obviously a bit of a risk to expect something durable or of quality if you’re only paying $10 for it, every now and then you might find something decent that won’t hit your wallet too badly and could last longer than expected.

Want to start shopping? Check out Amazon’s Under $10 range here!

Of course, Amazon’s full range of products won’t necessarily all ship to South Africa, which could be a headache for savvy online consumers. On top of that, you may want to do some more online shopping on other international stores and bundle your purchases together (why not, right?). Luckily, PostBox Courier can help you with that little logistical headache. They offer a consolidating shipping service that can get your online orders from basically anywhere in the world straight to your door, so if you manage to spot some good deals on Amazon and eBay (for example), the shipping of the goods won’t be a problem.

Registering with Postbox Courier is FREE, quick and easy and once you’ve registered you’ll get your very own delivery address in the UK, Hong Kong, US and Australia. Once you’ve placed your order and your goods are on their way head back to the Postbox Courier website to submit a Parcel Pre-Alert. This just lets them know to expect your order so everything runs smoothly when getting it to you here in SA.

To find out more about PostBox-Courier and just how easy the service is to use, read our full review here or visit the PostBox Courier website here.

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