Paramore Set to Start Working on 2012 Album

Paramore begin the process on their fourth in studio album for 2012

Seems as though Paramore have been very quiet on the music scene.  During an interview at the Z100 Jingle Ball concert 2010, Lead vocalist Hayley Williams stated that they would be taking a break in 2011 to start working on their fourth album.  During this time, a few singles were released sporadically, from ‘Monster’ which featured in Transformers: Dark of the moon soundtrack, to ‘Renegade’, then ‘Hello Cold World’ a month later. The band referred to this as ‘The Singles club’ where they would release a single every month for three months for the rest of 2011.  Fans were able to purchase the songs on the Paramore website, as they were released.

Hayley wrote to fans on her blog, commenting on their absence: “Well… It’s been about 4 months since we’ve written to you guys. Awkward! But honestly, this “off-time” has set the record for the longest amount of time we’ve ever spent off since before the couple of weeks we spent making our 1st full length album back in 2005.”

But fear not Paramore fans, because this talented rock trio are bouncing back. The band have already begun working on their fourth in-studio album, and they’re taking us along to see the process unfold. Williams said “What the three of us want you to know is we are headed to Los Angeles next week to meet with a whole mess of really incredible producers. And we are – basically – bringing you along with us to find the one that will help us create our 4th full length album.”

Check out the pictures from their trip to Los Angeles – From meeting with Producers, to just kicking it back and hanging out, we have no doubt that this band will come back with a kick ass album for 2012.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Chrissssssssss

    March 18, 2012 at 06:24

    I cannot wait for their album to come out! I check EVERY day to see if they have released it. I’m starting to lose hope. But I’m a Parawhore for life 🙂

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