This Bouncing Ball Has Been Reinvented as a Drum Machine

Tech-heavy bouncing ball adds some beats to your day.

Playing with a tennis or bouncing ball to relieve a bit of tension, or to just to alternate from the day’s monotony, is a pretty old pastime. But, lots of old-school hobbies have been receiving high-tech makeovers, and the humble bouncing ball is no different.

Launched on Kickstarter, The Oddball Drum Machine by Oddball Studios will let you add a cool beat to your average day, with pressure-sensitive haptic technology inside the ball that registers when it hits the ground, and also when it makes contact with your hand again. So, by adapting how you bounce the Oddball, you can create your own bass lines that’ll be a great soundtrack to your daily commute. Yup, this means a simple walk somewhere for coffee has just become a whole lot more badass.

By pairing it with the app, you can select from a range of drum sounds you want the Oddball to create (cymbal, snare, bass, etc) in order to craft your own beat. You can then use the app to loop, record and overdub what you’ve created.

Check out how it works below:

The Oddball has already raised over $117,000 of its original $39,000 goal (as of the time of writing) – so expect this innovation to become readily available soon!

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