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Keanu Reeves & Chris Pratt Feature in Mortal Kombat Reboot Concept

Mortal Kombat fantasy cast with amazing artwork!

Mortal Kombat’s star is once again on the rise after Mortal Kombat 11 was recently announced, with some high-hopes for the upcoming sequel in tow as the series developer NetherRealm Studios can seem to do no wrong with the veteran franchise.

The big-screen adaptations are a slightly different story, though. Although they’ve always been fun, one doesn’t really associate them with actors of serious pedigree, or being ‘good’ from a critical perspective.

However, there is hope for a reboot (with some murmurs around Hollywood currently happening), and an artist known as BossLogic put his immense creative ability to work to come up with a fantasy cast for a revitalised Mortal Kombat movie, using some seriously well-known actors to fill up the roster – have a look and see who you can recognise!

The first batch shows perennial badass Keanu Reeves as sword-wielder Kenshin, Terry Crews making an insanely cool looking Jax, and Gal Gadot trading in her Wonder Woman lasso for Kitana’s deadly fans.

Funny guy Chris Pratt is re-imagined as the cocky Johnny Cage, while the Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is envisioned donning Shao Khan’s sinister mask.

While this is all just a bit of fun by a fantastic artist, it does give fans something to think about – and perhaps if enough noise is made, eventually studios will sit up and pay attention, too (just look what happened with Deadpool). If you had to recast some Mortal Kombat icons – who would you choose?

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