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Want to Buy Elon Musk’s California Mansion? Here’s Your Chance!

Billionaire? Check. Tech prodigy? Check. Incredible smart-mansion? Check.

South Africa’s own Elon Musk has been billed as quite the eccentric character, while also exceptionally gifted. Some might be surprised (or not so surprised) to learn that Tony Stark’s characterisation in The Avengers movies is based loosely on Musk’s mannerisms. So, it should be no further surprise to note that he owns a mansion that would make Iron Man himself proud; and it’s for sale.

For anyone with a loose $4.5 million (R61 million) lying around and who wants a seriously coveted piece of property, this 4 bedroom and 4 bathroom house located in Brentwood, Los Angeles, would make quite the purchase.

True to his Stark-esque reputation this isn’t just your average fireplace and broom closet house, though. Just like Stark’s house in The Avengers (we’re not quite sure about an underground storage unit for a bunch of Iron Man suits, however), Musk’s home has lighting, sound, and security features all linked to a smart device so that they can be controlled at the touch of button.

It also has this view:

Suddenly $4.5 million doesn’t seem all that bad…

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