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Jackie Chan Takes on Pierce Brosnan in New Action Thriller, and It Looks Incredible

The Foreigner could be the sleeper hit of 2017! Watch the trailer here!




Action veterans Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan return to the big screen in October with The Foreigner, a tense action thriller from Casino Royale director Martin Campbell.

Chan, now 63, stars as a restaurant owner who goes on a mission of revenge after his daughter is killed in a bombing by rogue Irish terrorists. His closest lead is Irish intelligence agent played by Brosnan, who is withholding a little more information than Jackie Chan’s character would like.

The film looks like a great mix of emotional thrills and innovative action that Jackie Chan’s previous movies were known for, and if you think the iconic Chinese actor’s age is slowing him down, just give the trailer a watch.

The Foreigner hits cinemas in October.

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