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Hellboy Reboot: First Image of Hellboy & Release Date Revealed

Here’s your first-look at the return of Hellboy!




We recently got wind of a proposed Hellboy reboot that would relaunch the poplar universe that Guillermo Del Toro explored in his well-received Hellboy duology – and the studio has cemented their plans for the new release. It seemed as though they were aiming to hit cinemas in 2018, but considering how close that is, it always seemed a little ambitious, but the official release date isn’t too far beyond that. Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen will arrive in theatres on the 11 January 2019, less than a year and a half away.

David Harbour (Stranger Things, The Equalizer), who will be portraying Hellboy, also released a photo of himself in full costume and prosthetics to give fans a little tease of the look and feel that they can expect going forward:

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An additional image was also released by the @HellboyMovie twitter account too, showing colour image of Harbour in full costume.

Hellboy Harbour

Although the image is dark and it’s difficult to make out all the detail, it’s clear that this rendition of the character is going to be darker and more realistic than the stylised look of the original film. This lends to the notion that the film will be keeping in line with its rumoured R-rating.

Few other production details have been released, but as production begins shortly, there will likely be more information and images of additional characters quite soon!

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