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8 Most Anticipated Movies of September 2017

What should be on your film-radar in September?




We may as well christen September 2017 “Stephen King Month” because two of his most enjoyed works have been adapted to film and are both hitting South African cinemas soon. The other notable features for the month is the follow-up to 2014’s Kingsman: The Secret Service, which got quite a bit of buzz for its modern take on the spy thriller genre, along with its stylised and zany action sequences courtesy of veteran director Matthew Vaughn. Let’s dive into what else we can look forward to on the silver screen:

The Dark Tower

Release date: 8 September 2017

The Dark Tower is based on a series of highly acclaimed Stephen King novels and stars the popularly badass Idris Elba opposite Matthew McConaughey. Elba plays Roland Deschain, a gunslinger that inhabits an alternate world kept separate from our own by the titular “Dark Tower”. It’s the Man in Black’s (McConaughey) goal to destroy the Tower and unless Deschain stops him barriers that keep all parallel realities separate will fall and chaos will be let loose on earth. While this isn’t exactly King’s usual horror fare, The Dark Tower does contain supernatural and surreal themes not unlike franchises such as Hellboy and Constantine, anyone looking for action with a twist will be pleased.

Logan Lucky

Release date: 8 September 2017

Have you ever thought a high-profile NASCAR race as the perfect opportunity to pull off a historic heist that’ll set you up for the rest of your life? Me neither. But, the two Logan brothers from Tennessee did, and that’s exactly what will unfold in this comedy heist caper directed by Steven Soderburgh. The movie will follow two brothers who want to reverse an old family curse by pulling off a hare-brained heist while most of the town is distracted by the biggest NASCAR race of the year. Soderburgh’s known for having off-kilter humour, but having succeeded remarkably well in ensemble heist comedies already with Ocean’s 11 and it’s two sequels, he’s already well-versed in this genre hybrid. He’s managed to stuff a bunch of star names into Logan Lucky as well, with Daniel Craig, Katie Holmes, Adam Driver, and Channing Tatum headlining a star-studded cast. Fans of the Ocean’s series or those looking for a quirky, mishap-filled crime-comedy will probably be entertained in this fast-paced romp.

The Glass Castle

Release date: 8 September 2017

Moving from the action packed and fast-paced to the more artistic and dramatic, The Glass Castle is an adaptation of Jeanette Walls’ memoirs that chronicle the trials she and her siblings faced coming from a dysfunctional household and an impoverished background. Brie Larson starts alongside other dramatic heavyweights Naomi Watts and Woody Harrelson in what looks to be an intense drama. Considering the heavy subject matter and the acting talent on display, The Glass Castle is likely to fair amount of attention when award season rolls around.


Release date: 15 September 2017

The second Stephen King entry on our list is probably the reason a large chunk of the human race has a completely irrational and immobilising fear of clowns. Unlike The Dark Tower, this movie won’t be the first time IT has been adapted, but, to be fair, the last time we saw the horrifying clown terrorise a small American town was in 1990, so we’re due a modern take on this horror classic. This movie will be part one of a duology set in the ‘60s that follows a group of seven young kids nicknamed “The Losers” as they try and survive a demonic clown’s assault on their small town. Part two hasn’t got a scheduled release date yet, although it should start production within this year. If the movie is half as good as the masterfully edited trailer, we could be looking at a modern horror classic that’ll be sending shivers down spines for a long time to come.

American Assassin

Release date: 15 September 2017

In this action thriller, Maze Runner‘s Dylan O’Brien plays Mitch Rapp, a rising CIA black ops recruit under the instruction of Cold War veteran Stan Hurley, played by Michael Keaton. The two are enlisted by CIA Deputy Director Irene Kennedy to investigate a wave of apparently random attacks on both military and civilian targets. Together, the three discover a pattern in the violence, leading them to a joint mission with a lethal Turkish agent to stop a mysterious operative intent on starting a World War in the Middle East.


Release date: 22 September 2017

Stronger is the inspiring true story of Jeff Bauman (played by Jake Gyllenhaal), an ordinary man who captured the hearts of his city, becoming a symbol of hope following the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. It is Jeff’s deeply personal account of the heroic journey that tests a family’s bond, defines a community’s pride and inspires his inner courage to overcome devastating adversity.

The Lego Ninjago Movie

Release date: 29 September 2017

The Lego Movie, along with the uber-successful Lego Batman spin-off, are easily some of the funniest animated movies of all time, and the world of blocky heroes is getting another film – this time showcasing Lego’s Ninjago characters. The battle for Ninjago City calls to action young Master Builder Lloyd, aka the Green Ninja, along with his friends, who are all secret ninja warriors. Led by Master Wu, as wise as he is wisecracking, they must defeat evil warlord Garmadon, The Worst Guy Ever, who also happens to be Lloyd’s dad. Pitting mech against mech and father against son, the epic showdown will test this fierce but undisciplined team of modern-day ninjas, who must learn to check their egos and pull together to unleash their inner power of Spinjitzu.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Release date: 29 September 2017

The anticipated sequel to Englishman Matthew Vaughn’s fun and fresh action spy movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service, is leaving the English Isles and going international this time around. After the Kingsman headquarters suffer an attack, it’s up to Eggsy (Taron Edgerton) and his mentor Harry Hart (Colin Firth) to seek assistance from an allied spy organisation in the good ol’ US of A. Enter action-go-to Channing Tatum and old-school icon Jeff Bridges as American spies that team up with the Brits to take down a common enemy. The next entry in the Kingsman franchise is likely to double up on the fun and humour with the expanded set of characters, and will provide another fun popcorn flick ride chock full of one-liners and enjoyably absurd action sequences. For those who want a more modern take on James Bond type movies, Kingsman is a must-watch.

Which movie are you most excited for this month? Let us know in the comments below and tweet us at @MenStuffZA!

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