Another ‘Doom’ Movie is Coming – Here’s the Trailer

Doom heading back to the big-screen!

Video game movies are notoriously difficult to pull off – pretty much every attempt at translating a popular game into a feature-length film has failed, often spectacularly. That’s not to say they shouldn’t be done, but, the creators need to pay close attention to whether or not their project conveys the spirit of the game.

We’ve already had a Doom movie once before, back in 2005 and although a decent budget and some star-power was thrown into the mix, it didn’t have a particularly positive reception. Usually having big names like The Rock and Rosamund Pike attached to a movie will ensure success, but it didn’t pan out that way.

Doom Annihilation is looking to turn the Doom franchise’s film prospects around, though, by paying more attention to what Doom fans are probably looking for. Does a fast-paced action film need to depend on stars? Probably not – it just needs a solid concept and to be executed well.

The director, Tony Giglio (behind S.W.A.T with Colin Farrell), has mentioned they’re returning more to the roots of the 1993 game with their approach to Annihilation, specifically prioritising the run-and-gun aspect and by being more faithful to the lore (this time the creatures will be escapees from hell). Giglio also referred to the first-person perspective often used in the 2005 movie and said they’d be incorporating some element of that visual style, but they wouldn’t rely on it.

The studio that will be bringing this movie straight to home-release is Universal 1440 – and although straight-to-video usually has a bad reputation, the studio actually has a fairly good track record. You can expect it to arrive in the second half of 2019 – and hopefully it will do the Doom franchise justice!

We’re not holding our breaths though.

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