Black Friday: 5 Best Playstation Game Deals to Take Advantage Of

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Check out the best Playstation game deals to grab this Black Friday!

With Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) bringing in some great deals on tech, gaming, and gadgets, there are some stellar sales on some of the best video games around. We’ve hunted down 5 of the best deals that Playstation games should take note of this year:

Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition | PS4 – R299 (Incredible Connection)

Insomniac’s Spider-Man manages to deliver exactly what you want from a Spidey game: making you feel like the friendly neighbourhood superhero, a ton of fan-service that’ll make players feel like they’re watching the 90s TV series, and diving into Peter Parker’s side of the story, while all looking gorgeous in the process. It’s a must-buy from us, and a legitimate contender to Arkham City as one of the best superhero games to date. The Game of the Year edition comes with the game’s DLC expansions too, making this an incredibly enticing deal.

Check out the special here.

Mafia Trilogy | PS4 – R299 (Makro)

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We’ve been long advocates of promoting the sorely underrated Mafia franchise, and with the Mafia Trilogy on special from Makro, you’ve got to dive in! While Mafia II: Definitive Edition isn’t the best remaster around, the completely built-from-the-ground-up remake of Mafia 1, along with the brutally awesome Mafia 3 included, this is well worth the entry price.

Check out the special here.

Red Dead Redemption 2 | PS4 – R449 (Takealot)

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Red Dead Redemption 2 needs little motivation for a purchase at this point, and the highly-acclaimed title has received a discount over on Takealot. The slow-burn Spaghetti Western story is full of family uncertainty, revenge, and tests of loyalty, while the alluring gameplay mechanics of Dead Eye, the dynamic Euphoria physics engine, and stellar set-pieces all elevate the experience. It really manages to not only deliver, but perfect that Wild West immersion that so many other games have struggled to capture.

Check out the special here.

The Last of Us Part II | PS4 – R359.50 (Playstation Network)

The Last of Us: Part II will be a no-brainer of a purchase for most PS4 owners; however, the nature of the game is a harder-sell for more casual fans. Even with its brutality and mature elements, The Last of Us Part II is a must-play for every gamer, and an opus to an already-revered story. It may not inject that initial Last of Us novelty magic we first felt when booting up the original game, but it carries the torch excellently to round out a brilliant and harrowing tale of survival.

Check out the special here.

Doom: Eternal | PS4 – R267.75

Doom Eternal screenshot 2

If you were a fan of 2016’s Doom, you’re in luck. Doom Eternal delivers more of that slick, crisp shooting, along with upping the ante of the demonic entities trying to kill you. There is a familiarity to the formula, but the larger levels, new tricks, and attention to the story will grapple-hook you in until the credits roll.

Check out the special here.

Will you be picking up any Black Friday gaming deals? Let us know by commenting below and tweeting us @MenStuffZA, posting on our Facebook page, or commenting below.

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