Woman Crush Wednesday: Stacey Holland

We chat with TV presenter & fitness fanatic Stacey Holland about her favourite hangouts, celebrity crush, & what she gets up to in her off-time!

Strong, dynamic and friendly are just a few words would use to describe TV Presenter, Stacey Holland!

Not only is she a force to be reckoned with on-screen when presenting Real Health, but this beauty is also a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman!

Describe yourself in 5 words:
Vibrant, introspective, curious, perfectionist, dreamer.

Relationship status?
Happily married to my best friend!

What’s your idea of the perfect date? 
Good laughter, the type that makes your belly and cheeks hurt. Intellectually stimulating conversation. Candlelights or fairy lights. A warm summers evening.

Who is your celebrity crush and why?
Ha ha it’s probably been David Beckham for the longest time! Until he speaks that is! Harvey Specter / Gabriel Macht: the intelligence, the smile, the suit! Need I say more?

What do you look for in a man?
A good heart. The ability to make me laugh. Good-natured wit, not a sarcastic or arrogant intelligence. Someone I can rely on with a good work ethic. Oh and good teeth and gums!

When you were little you wanted to be?
A lot of things! I had a nomadic childhood, so whenever I came into contact with new places and people it would change! A doctor, a lawyer, a professional athlete. It always involved interacting with people.

Your biggest relationship deal breaker (or turn off) is?
Bad oral hygiene and smoking. An abusive or mean nature.

What do you like to do for fun or to relax?  
My work is quite fun so I’m never really looking for other things to do to have fun but I enjoy curling up on the couch with a good novel and I absolutely love going for a massage. Travelling and exploring new places are my idea of fun and so my recent trip to the Brookdale Health Hydro in the Midlands was everything!

Stacey Holland 2

Best surprise gift you ever received from your partner or a loved one?
My hubby surprised me to a complete pamper day for my birthday once. I woke up early and put on a tracksuit with no makeup because I was told we were going jet skiing at the Vaal but I got a full day at the spa with various treatments and I was taken to the theatre in the evening and because I had nothing to wear (we didn’t go home) I was given a head-to-toe shopping spree.

If you could instantly download a special skills or super powers like an app what would they be? 
Like a matrix download?! I would definitely make myself more digitally/computer software and systems savvy. My brother works in IT and it still feels like he speaks Greek when he tries to explain things to me! The core strength and flexibility of a gymnast or ballet dancer, the ability to speak multiple languages. The height of a runway model…. oooh, and maybe a singing voice with great tone and amazing range. I think I’m getting carried away with this question!

Right now, what are you completely obsessed with?
Probiotics! Ha ha guess you didn’t expect that! Health and the microscopic world and what we’ve learnt about health in general over the last 50 years or so. That and triathlons. I did my first and want to do many more!

What are you most looking forward to this year?
Travelling, helping people get healthier and spending more time with those who matter!

What can’t you live without? 
I’m a woman, don’t you know that list can be pretty much endless! My family.

Who is your favourite celeb #couplegoals duo?
Posh and Becks…they’ve been a power couple for a loooong time!

Quick fun facts:

Favourite chocolate? Soaring superfoods raw chocolate
Favourite TV show? Modern Family. Suits. The Fixer.
Favourite Movie? That changes every year.
Favourite Travel Accessory? A charging block! A pair of Converse Chuck Taylors!
Favourite Clothing Brand? I adore the variety of dress from Lalalux and I live in Lorna Jane.
Favourite childhood memory? Ahhhh I have so many. Chasing cows out of our yard with my siblings, while living in Swaziland, springs to mind.
Favourite go to hangout? Jackson’s Real Food Market, Urban Angel Cafe, Tashas.
Favourite local sportsman? Mmmm… that’s a very tough question to answer. Right now it has to be Wayne van Niekerk because of what he’s achieved and how humble he appears. Cameron van der Burgh is an absolute sweetie and I adore my rugby big brothers: Siya Kolisi, Scarra Ntubeni and Joe Pietersen.
Are you a Wine, champagne or a cocktail kinda girl? Definitely wine (a good red) and champagne (the dryer the better)!

You can check out more from Stacey by following her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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