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CJ Stander Shares His Workout Routine

Train like a professional.




CJ Stander

Want to train like a professional rugby player? Even after his retirement from professional rugby, South African-born Irish rugby player, CJ Stander still ensures he keeps his focus on living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining his fitness.

Stander began his career in South Africa where he played for the Blue Bulls in the Currie Cup between 2010 – 2012. In 2012, he moved to the Irish province Munster, where he made his debut for Ireland in 2016, earning 51 caps for his adopted country as their Captain.

“Making my international debut in 2016 for Ireland is one my fondest and proudest memories. Playing at the highest level is a honour and a dream come true. Especially for all the hard work and sacrifices.” says Stander. Stander played in the Rugby World Cup back in 2019 when it was hosted in Japan.

These days Stander lives in a quieter life in Paarl, South Africa, where he runs Franschhoek Guesthouse – The Belmont. But that doesn’t mean he has taken his eye off ‘the ball’.

But how does a man who spent so many years focusing on being a professional athlete train to stay in shape after retirement from professional rugby? Ignite Fitness, which has a strong focus on Group Training, sat down with Stander ahead of the Rugby World Cup to get the low-down on his workout regime.

“I train 6 days a week with one rest day in between, varying between strength and cardio training, explains Stander. My wife does give me a run for my money though; she’s been a huge inspiration with regards to my cardio training and is currently training for her first marathon.”

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His workout consists of:

4 rounds of 6 exercises followed by a 3-minute rest in between each set.

Push Ups – 12/15 reps
Plank hold – 45 seconds
Side plank hold – 45 seconds left and right
Tricep dips using the bed or chair – 15 reps
Squats – 20 reps
Finishing off the round with 30 ab flutter kicks on each leg.

“I attend gym classes every Monday Wednesday and Friday, and I like to get them done early mornings around 5:30 to set myself up for a busy day at The Belmont,” says Stander. “On Tuesdays, I jog, normally around 6-8 km with a good pick up in pace in the last 2 km. Thursday is hill day with my wife – normally I just run behind her until I can’t anymore.” he laughs.

Ahead of the Rugby World Cup, Stander shares his message to the Springbok team; “Enjoy, enjoy. enjoy. World Cups don’t come along often and to be part of such a tournament is incredibly special. All the hard work is done. The only thing left is to win!”

To train like CJ Stander, visit your nearest Ignite Fitness Gym and get ready for the World Cup alongside our Bokke!

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